Eric Hempstead boxing benefit Saturday, April 23 at Locker Room Bar

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On Saturday, friends of Eric Hempstead are holding a spaghetti feed fund raiser to help offset the costs of his impending trip to Las Vegas to begin chasing his dream of fighting professionally on the biggest of stages.

Hempstead was invited to be a sparring partner at a heavyweight boxing camp for Gunnar Kolbienn Kristinsson, an undefeated Icelandic champion, at world famous Johnny Toccos Gym in May. While there, Hempstead will train with Luis Monda and hope to get his foot in the door to some bigger events and hopefully get a shot on a headliner card in the future.

This is a huge opportunity for Eric. Kristinsson is coming to America with a lot of fanfare, many feel he’s a possible heavyweight contender. These invitations are not extended to just random boxers, especially those who walk in off the street as Eric did. Walking in to Johnny Toccos for an unscheduled workout, Eric raised enough eyes into earn this opportunity.

Moving to Vegas, Hempstead needs some help chasing his dream. Saturday will get him that much closer as his departure date grows closer every day.

The event will begin at 6 p.m. at Anaconda’s Locker Room Bar. The spaghetti feed is $8 per plate with every cent of the proceeds going directly to Eric. Spaghetti and trimmings were donated by Scott Hatcher at Locker Room, Jack “Gazooni” Moreni and yours truly.

During dinner, several auction items will be available for bidding including boxing memorabilia donated by Chris Eamon, metal sign artwork by Ryan Pesanti, several randomly donated items and one-of-a-kind signed items — gloves, trunks and shoes — from Hempstead himself.

If you can’t make the event, Hempstead has a gofundme page set up. Click here to donate.

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