Middle school girl gets body checked by angry player

On Saturday, Stevensville’s Baylee Bergman pulled out the reprehensible card for a Montana High School Association basketball game during.

During the girls’ title game at the Southwestern A Divisional championships in Dillon, Stevi was upset by the hometown Beavers 38-32 at B.W. Lodge Gymnasium.

But that not the story anymore after the shocking events following the final buzzer.

Bergman, No. 12 on the Stevensville Yellowjackets, showing her frustration after the upset loss, body checked a middle school student from Dillon who was rushing the court.


True, she probably didn’t check the young fans ID before she lit the girl up, but there’s a bigger contributing factor in all of this.

She had already nearly been suspended for throwing blows at a girl during a earlier game this season against Hamilton, then is unable to contain her anger when the team failed to duck by Dillon in the chipper.

In high school athletics, you are bound by the name on the front of the jersey. At all costs, you must think about those responsible for allowing you the opportunity to participate in extra curricular activities eg. the people of Stevensville. I’m probably certain this action was in the best interest of the school or its fans.

To be quite frank, I love the way she plays the game. She’s aggressive and plays 100 miles per hour. But this is behavior that cannot be accepted nor tolerated.

And I’m sure there was confusion after the poor girl was checked into huddle, but it looks as if there wasn’t many pleasantries given to the sixth-grader when she ended up on the floor at the feet of the other players. But I’ll leave that up to the respective viewers’ imagination.

In speaking with officials in charge of the situation, it was said that the school was “handling the incident and the player being dealt with in terms of disciplinary action.”

Anything less than a suspension for at least the next game, if not multiple games, is the only recourse. But, when championships are on the line, especially for the No. 2 ranked team in all of Class A needing one more against Butte Central Tuesday in order to advance to the state tournament in two weeks, discipline sometimes is a little light or swept under the rug all together when winning becomes more important than what’s right or wrong.

Copperheads to send 11 (possibly 12) to Class A State Wrestling Tournament

Following Saturday’s Southwestern A divisional wrestling tournament held at Memorial Gymnasium in Anaconda, the Copperheads advanced 11 to the Class A State Tournament to be held in Billings starting Friday, Feb. 10 at 10 a.m.

Mason Mavrinac won his first, and Anaconda’s only, Southwestern A divisional championship at 130, winning by default.


Aidan Theard (119), Ethan Reich (152) and Bryce Wigert (215) all claimed runner-up finishes — and all are just sophomores for the Copperheads.

Below is a list of Anaconda’s first round match-ups. Click on the wrestlers name to see one of their many action photos from last weekend. Plus, it’s a pretty good bet 98-pound freshman Trey Smollack (fifth-place last weekend) will be making the trip as well. I counted just 13 of the 16 positions filled throughout the four Class A conferences (SW-4, Central-2, East-3, NW-4). If he makes the cut, I’ll add that information later.


PS: Just like I thought, Trey Smollack was added to the State Tournament field. Below is his matchup information:

2012 Anaconda High State A pairings


98 — Trey Smollack, Anaconda No. 4 East vs. Shonn Roberts, Columbia Falls, No. 1 NW.

112 — Jake McCarthy, Anaconda, No. 3 SW vs. Zach Phelps, Lewistown, No. 2 Central; Thomas Moore, Anaconda vs. Nathan Kennelly, Havre, No. 1 Central.

119 — Aidan Theard, Anaconda, No. 2 SW, vs. Tre Bullock, Lewistown, No. 3 Central.

125 — Matt Bowdish, Anaconda, No. 3 SW vs. Jerime Granot, Lewistown, No. 2 Central.

130 — Mason Mavrinac, Anaconda, No. 1 SW vs. Tyler Morgan, Laurel, No. 4 East; Mike Olsen, Anaconda, No. 4 SW vs. Jordan Stevens, Sidney, No. 1 East.

135 — Jerod Arneson, Anaconda, No. 4 SW vs. Kolter Kukes, Laurel, No. 1 East.

140 — Nick Beattie, Anaconda, No. 3 SW vs. Layne Landis, Glendive, No. 2 East.

152 — Ethan Reich, Anaconda, No. 2 SW vs. Levi Butkay, Hardin, No. 3 East.

189 — Mike Wigert, Anaconda, No. 3 SW vs. Marcus Ross, Columbia Falls, No. 2 NW.

215 — Bryce Wigert, Anaconda, No. 2 SW vs. Zach Dolezal, Libby, No. 3 NW.

Super Bowl reaches talk from women Daytime TV hosts

When those crazy hags on daytime television take up time talking about the Super Bowl, you know it’s relevant.

The Super Bowl hyperbolic super babble by the roundtable of the extremely annoying on The Talk were the culprits this week, talking about everything that doesn’t actually matter in the biggest football game of the year. And by doing so, they slap the face of knowledgeable female football fans everywhere.

Instead of talking strategy, they were ranking who was hotter, Tom Brady or Eli Manning, quarterbacks for New England and New York, instead of breaking down the intricacies of the game billed as the rematch of SB 42.

Who’s hotter? Really? Tom Brady dates and impregnates millionaire super models to occupy his time while Manning’s idea of a crazy night out is ordering bananas and cinnamon on his Cheerios. In fact, Manning doesn’t even look old enough to date unless he’s supervised by Archie.

The banter is just absurd. Why even waste your time talking about something you obviously know nothing about. It’s like me teaching a sewing class, or for my many haters out there, a writing class.

I blame that saucy chatterbox Elizabeth Hasslebeck, sister-in-law to my boy Matt Hasslebeck — the former Seattle signal caller robbed by the striped shirts in SB 40 — for empowering women hosting talk shows to blab about football. Her husband, Tim, also a former NFL QB and current analyst at ESPN, probably brought his work home too many times, therefore obviously qualifying the wife as a credible blowhard. It all spins into leaving the door open for Darlene (Sara Gilbert) from Roseanne to feed the viewers full of pointless information in order to fill an obviously useless time slot at CBS.

 Hey, I have no beef with the ladies speaking their minds, that is until they wasted the time of unemployed women and housewives of America by pigeon-holing them into the class of sexual deviants.

Then again, maybe it’s better that these women are talking about the Super Bowl. The media surely isn’t getting anything juicy from the players.

Remember the brash days of Broadway Joe’s “guarantee” and the hilarity of John Matuszak’s answer after getting busted partying with the bums in New Orleans’ French Quarter in ‘86 — “To make sure no one else was.” Even Raiders fans have their own brush with ridiculousness when Barrett Robbins, their Pro Bowl center, went on a drinking binge without taking his meds and landed lost in Tijuana the week before a 48-21 loss to Tampa Bay in ‘03. I’m told Raiders fans have never forgiven Robbins, who is currently serving five years for cocaine possession in Florida, for his behavior. The way I see it, he was just fitting in with the Silver and Black.

Realistically, the last worthwhile media day spat came from Ray Buchannon and Shannon Sharpe during the back-to-back SB wins for Denver in ‘98-’99, when Buchannon now famously called the now Hall of Fame Broncos tight end out for looking like the horsiest horse of course.

“I’ll tell you, that’s an ugly dude,” Buchannon said. “You can’t tell me he doesn’t look like Mr. Ed.”

Sharpe fired back, taking note of the dog collar worn by the Falcons’ safety.

“Tell Ray to put the eyeliner, the lipstick and the high heels away,’’ Sharpe quipped. “I’m not saying he’s a cross-dresser, but that’s just what I heard.”

That stuff went away when Bill Belichick began making the Super Bowl a regular trip. You wouldn’t dare cross the medieval hoodie-wearing dictator — and if you did, consider yourself ready for a free-agent gig with the Raiders.

New York’s Tom Coughlin is equally demanding of his players, often doling out fines in the locker room for players not arriving 15 minutes before the scheduled practice.

So here we are, relegated to nothing but the same old respect card being played for two weeks throughout the media by both teams. Refreshing, yes, entertaining, not even close.

An e-mail sent addressed to The View’s Hasslebeck for a prediction on the score went unanswered by press time — maybe she had to flip her two-headed coin of pull out her February fashion faux paux color scheme to properly pick the winning team — so I’ll just have to guess this one on my own.

New York is a 3.5-point favorite in the big game, never a good sign for the team famous for being a great dog. New England’s still steaming from the Giants ending their bid for the perfect season in SB 42, therefore Brady will put away the guyliner and focus on throwing the ball instead of worrying about the color of his jersey clashing with his shoes.

 In respect to Gilbert, I’m going my own way, honey. No hotness scale for this heterosexual. I’m picking the game as I always do — matching the final score to my numbers on one of the biggest illegal sports boards in the country.

— Patriots 35, Giants 30. 

P.S. While I’m at it, Darlene, tell DJ to quit excitedly shuffling through Sarah’s unmentionables (who can’t remember the loveable character of DJ always involved in one socially awkward situation in seemingly every episode?).


Taylor Flynn makes it a night to remember

On Thursday, AHS soph Taylor Flynn scored her first and only points in dramatic fashion, leading to a knock-down 15-foot jumper as time expired to give the Copperheads a 44-42 Southwestern A Conference win against Dillon.

Truthfully, the last time I was that excited after a Copperhead win was probably when Ali Hurley broke the all-time Copperhead scoring record against Butte Central Feb. 16, 2008.

Taylor’s heroics were as genuine as one can find. She struggled shooting the ball on the night, only making 1 of her 9 attempts. But because of the beauty of basketball, that’s all that counted.

And when that one and only shot hit the bottom of the net, it sent her into a one-woman celebration mode fitting for the young Copperhead. She jumped, cheered, screamed and smiled from ear to ear, knowing what she and the team had accomplished. She then found longtime assistant coach Nick Laslovich, who was doing is own celebratory jig with frosh coach Bob Mato on the bench, and the two locked in a jumping hug.

If that isn’t what high school athletics is all about, I don’t know what is.

There are few moments that truly stick in your memory from all the games and years gone by. Five, 10, 15 years down the road, nobody will remember Taylor only scored two points or that she was just 1 of 9 from the field. But they will remember her coldly knocking down that jumper from the right elbow and celebrating like a woman gone mad.

I’ve listed my other memorable basketball moments on the poll below. If you remember any more, please list them in the comments.

Also, this is my first attempt at starting a blog featuring local athletes from Anaconda. If you have any suggestions on what or who I might feature next, don’t hesitate to drop me a line at sports@anacondaleader.com. And don’t forget to check out all of your favorite Copperhead photos at http://csphoto.photomerchant.net

Go ‘Heads Go!